Intro – Relocating to Atlanta

by mccance on October 27, 2010

Relocating to Atlanta, while sometimes daunting, should be viewed as a great opportunity. It’s a positive thing! Everyone is naturally resistive to change, especially huge ones, like relocation, but if you make all the right choices for you, Atlanta is a wonderful place to live, raise a family and thrive. Ten years ago, my family [...]

Neighborhood Choices

by mccance on November 1, 2010

The seemingly infinite choices of neighborhoods is one of the truly great aspects of relocation to Atlanta. In just about every area and in just about every county, you can have neighborhood options including: gated or ungated communities communities of every size, from one home to 2,000 homes golf communities including public, semi-private and fully [...]

Commutes in the Atlanta Metro

by mccance on November 1, 2010

Atlanta is a huge metropolitan city that’s been called the Capitol City of the Southeast USA. Three major interstates converge on downtown Atlanta – I85, I75 and I20. Over six million people live in the greater Atlanta Metro Area. One of the things that come with all this popularity is traffic, and lots of it. [...]

Property Taxes in Atlanta Counties

by mccance on November 1, 2010

Your relocation to Atlanta game plan should include a look at your county options. The county you reside in can have a large and long term impact on quite a few things including your property taxes, school districts, location (obviously) and senior tax exemptions. It’s one of the items that’s very easy to investigate and [...]

Identifying your Criteria

by mccance on November 1, 2010

One of the most popular ways to start the relocation process is to factor in commute times to your employment and locate neighborhoods that are within acceptable commute times for you. Atlanta is huge. Peachtree City in south Atlanta is two hours from Cumming in north Atlanta. So while there may be literally hundreds of [...]